Monday, 12 January 2015

Promotional Hand Sanitizers and Lip Balm: Unseen Trade show Giveaways

There are so many promotional Keychains, lanyards, pens and flyers that trade shows attendees pick up when they leave the event. If your booth is toward the end of the route through the exhibit hall, beware – people would definitely decline your boring promotional products. They may find the loss when they’re struggling to remember your company’s name after the event.

Avoid such issues by offering prospects a wonderful trade show favor that they can’t help but want to take home. 

Here are some ideas that This Promo Works come across, they are unique at the same time effective too. 

Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Promotional Hand Sanitizers: 
Attendees always happy to find a company that is passing these little goodies out as a trade show giveaways. Line any other networking event, we often shake hand with lots of people and talk face to face. Passing out Promotional Hand Sanitizer help keep the germs away. This can happen a lot when you are traveling to the non local trade show. 

My Recommendation: Brand them as best as you can. There are plenty of options available and they will work as everyone know what is this, how to use this and they want them. Additionally, make branded cases for each bottle; this will increase self-life of your giveaway. 

Promotional Lip Balm: 
This is something I have never seen at any trade show. Promotional Lip Balm make people exciting, especially ladies!! When winter is at it’s best, this is something that make people remember your brand. 

My Recommendation: This is Unique idea for sure. Just stay away from strong flavors as people don’t like strong and sweet flavors and smell. Try “Mint Flavor”, this is standard flavor and people would love it. 

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